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November 14th Meeting Summary & Next Meeting Agenda

On November 14th we had a special meeting to discuss some proposed ordinances, and we received a project update from the Administration.

Key Administration Updates:

  • Our grant firm secured a $23,000 grant for much needed firefighting equipment.

  • The pickleball and tennis courts at the pool were repaved as a temporary (1-2 year) fix to some safety issues.

  • The water pipe work at Ann/Cypress/Willow was complete, and some curbing work will continue. Those streets will not get fully repaved until the spring, but patches will be added to ensure they are drivable (and plowable) this winter.

  • In an effort to address flooding issues, new drainage work was completed at Sunset near the golf course. The Administration is now going to meet with the management of the golf course on improvements that they need to make.

  • The pool side has been refurbished, and demo work is happening at the baby pool.

  • A 501(c)3 organization will be set up called the "Friends of Verona Parks" so that we can receive gifts, sponsorship, and grants for future Verona-owned park renovations.

  • Four water and sewer projects have been submitted to the iBank for approval.

  • The design of the ADA playground at the Community Center is nearing completion and will go out to bid shortly. I asked the Administration to post those plans for the public to review and comment on before they are finalized.

  • The second payment from the National Opioid Settlement has been received and will be used to fund training for police officers

New Ordinances

We discussed in new business several new ordinances or changes to existing ordinances:

  • We discussed some minor changes to the Wireless Telecommunications Ordinance that we just passed, primarily to define open space and set some height limits to certain facilities. This ordinance will be introduced at our meeting tomorrow (Monday November 21st).

  • We saw a new version of an ordinance drafted to start a Verona-Cedar Grove Flood Control Advisory Board. Our Administration team is working with Cedar Grove to pass an identical ordinance. This ordinance will allow us to work on Peckman River projects together and receive consolidated approval for those projects from the DEP.

  • A state-mandated electric vehicle ordinance was also discussed. This mandate requires that electric vehicle charging stations be included in new developments. We decided to introduce the model ordinance with no changes. This will be introduced at our meeting tomorrow.

  • We discussed an proposed content of an invasive species ordinance, as recommended by the Environmental Commission. This ordinance generated a fair amount of comments on it's applicability. We decided to draft an ordinance to ban the planting of certain invasive species. For existing invasive species, we will reference our current nuisance ordinance, so that if invasive species start to migrate to other properties, then the homeowner will be required to remove them. More on this when we see an actual draft of an ordinance.

  • Finally, we went through a part-time salary ordinance. We are missing several part time salaries for certain positions, and we need to increase the amount paid for minimum wage and for market conditions. This ordinance will be introduced soon.

We are having a regularly scheduled meeting tomorrow. Our agenda items include:

  • Public hearing and second reading of three ordinances - $70K capital ordinance for Peckman River bank stabilization, $25K capital ordinance from the water/sewer utility for risk and resilience assessment and emergency response, and a vote on new stop signs on White Rock Road.

  • Proposed ordinances include the above mentioned ordinances on wireless communication facilities, EV Ordinance, and a new ordinance to bond for Community Center Playground improvements ($550K).

  • Resolutions include renewing the Multicultural Inclusion and Accessibility Advisory Committee, accepting the national opioid settlement, declaring Safe Homes Month for the month of December, setting CDBG representatives, and some standard business.

  • In new business we will discuss the part time salary ordinance, the amended tree ordinance, the Health and Welfare subcommittee update.

If you have any comments on the meeting agenda or anything discussed, please contact the Council at The entire agenda can be found here:

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