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October 18th Council Meeting Summary

Last night we had a Council meeting. Here are the highlights.

We passed a resolution to certify that we approve the façade for the new affordable housing complex that will be built at the old Cameco site. This project is expected to be before the Planning Board in November. You can see a rendering of the façade here:

We took action after Executive Session and passed a resolution agreeing to use the law firm Kennedy & Madonna, LLP to represent the Township on a contingency fee basis for legal services related to our drinking water PFAS contamination. Simply put - the companies that made the chemicals polluted our drinking water, which is resulting in significant costs to the Township, and we are pursuing legal action to get reimbursement for those costs.

We had a brief update on some key projects. We did receive engineering bids ranging from $500K to $1.5 million to engineer the solution to remove the PFOA contamination from our wells but are exploring other less costly options. On stormwater management, the Township has an meeting with the EPA to start to discuss solutions for the Peckman.

We passed a resolution recognizing Italian American Heritage Month and will have a flag raising on Wednesday at 6:30. The Verona Junior Woman's Club came and spoke about food insecurity in our community and Verona Fights Hunger Week activities. VMAC - Verona Municipal Alliance Committee also came to promote Safe Homes Week.

Finally, we had an interesting conversation after public comment about in person/hybrid/Zoom meetings for our Boards and Commissions. Unfortunately, at this time we are still working out technology issues with the Community Center Ballroom and hybrid meetings there are not possible. The Township Manager will let us know at the next meeting what the solutions are to upgrade the room. Our land use boards are separate governing bodies from us and make their own decisions on the format of their meetings. The Planning Board is sticking with Zoom. The Board of Adjustment has gone back in person. If a member of the public has a comment on that they should reach out to the Secretary of the particular board.

Those are the highlights. Comments to the Council can be sent to us here:

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