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July 10th Meeting Update

Last night we had a meeting of the Verona Town Council. Here are the updates.

We introduced a slew of new ordinances - all of which will have a second reading, public hearing, and a vote at our next meeting on July 24th. They include the following:

  • A mandatory state ordinance regulating Flood Control and Damage Prevention, replacing our current Chapter 270. If your home is located in a flood hazard area, I highly recommend you read this proposed ordinance.

  • A bond for the reconstruction of Balston/Windemere/Whitney for $1.4 million, offset with a grant of $300K

  • A bond for the reconstruction of Douglas Place for $650K, offset with a grant for $422K

  • A bond for $500K for expenses related to the Fairview and Linn Drive well remediation

  • A capital ordinance for $26K from the water and sewer capital fund for an assessment of the wastewater treatment plant

  • An additional $20K from the pool capital improvement fund for the pool splash pad project close out

  • Revisions to the ordinance governing our re-organization meeting time and location

  • Revisions to our ordinance on flags and adding building lightings to confirm and standardize past practice

If you have any comments on any of these ordinances, I suggest you email the Council here: You can also come to the meeting and participate in the public hearing.

We also decided at our meeting not to introduce an ordinance to revise parking rules throughout the township to prohibit parking 4 feet from a driveway. We have received some great feedback on this, and our Police Chief is reviewing the feedback and may recommend a revised approach.

We passed two resolutions - one to allow our engineers to apply for a permit to remediate the PFAS contamination at our wells. The other was to ask the County for a cross-walk on Grove Avenue at Hemlock Drive.

In new business, we discussed some special meeting planning so that we can pick a planner and do goal setting.

Finally, we had Executive Session to discuss a few matters.

That was it! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. If you have any feedback for the Council please send it here:

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