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October 4th Council Meeting Summary

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Last night we had a Council meeting. Here are the highlights.

We passed all our bond and capital ordinances. Again the first one was for $3.365 million was for road reconstruction (Ann, Willow, Cypress, Steven), road construction ( Cook Lane), recycling center fixes and a new traffic signal in front of FN Brown. The second bond ordinance for $1.4 million was for improvements at the sewer plant and for a water utility asset management plan. The third ordinance we approved was $65K of a capital ordinance to do needed maintence to the slides at the pool.

We passed our resolutions, which included recognizing breast cancer awareness month and entering into a new pricing cooperative.

In New Business, we had a few updates on stormwater management. Cedar Grove approached Verona regarding setting up a Regional Flood Advisory Board. We have meetings on the same night so they were discussing the idea as well. This could help us better manage the issues with the Peckman so that we could do projects together. NJ DEP and Verona should have a meeting soon, and, thanks to the following up of Councilwoman Holland, Rutgers University is going to add Verona to its study of Ida damage and take drone footage of the Peckman.

Also in new business we all approved the new design of the 95 unit affordable housing units that will be built by the Community Center. We will officially vote on this at the next meeting. You can see the plans here:

We provided updates on our sub-committee work. Some of the committees are really moving along. More when we present the output of our work!

Finally it was mentioned that we received bids from 5 engineering firms to engineer the fix to our PFOA issue. More on that at an upcoming meeting.

If you have any comments for the Council, you can send them here:

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